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Artists Bio

Mitchell is a traditionally trained sculptor with work exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and public places. He works mainly in iron, bronze and cold cast bronze, though has completed many commissions in other media. 
With his figurative sculpture, Mitchell aims to capture the stillness that is caught within a blink of an eye that activates the emotional pathways of the soul. His great love is the grace and movement of the human figure particularly the female form. 
Mitchell exhibits in many noted Galleries nationally and internationally. He has been commissioned privately as well as publically to create sculptures in a variety of genres, ranging from the traditional portrait bust to the total abstract and even the bizarre as seen in his creation for the group ‘The Prodigy’. He has a great desire that his sculpture should be easily accessible: his work can be purchased through galleries, some of which run the Own Art Scheme, or purchased through this website. Sculptures may also be rented for a period of time or a special event. Mitchell’s public sculptural commissions can be seen in many locations throughout the UK. 
His public art is a response to the many factors that are involved in such work, namely, the thoughts and ideas of the community, the environment in which it is situated and the requests of the commissioning body. The commissions are usually supported by many hours of research and public consultation.

Mitchell is also happy to take on commissions.


"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."


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