Studio House at Alby

Norfolk-based sculptor, Mitchell House, works and teaches from his studio and gallery at Alby Crafts, also selling artwork by other local artists.

Mitchell's work can also be purchased in the gallery along with paintings, prints and jewellery by other local artists.

Paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, linocuts, jewellery and more at our gallery in Alby, Norfolk including work by:
Mitchell House
Michael Sanders
Amy Christie
Susan Ashby
Lucy Lua
Samuel Thomas
Keith Nash
Caroline Richmond
Kevin Robinson
Joanna Padfield
David Green
Jonathan Sanders
Janice Gordon
Trudy Cosh
Erika Rowbrey-Evans
Griff Davies
Karen Pearson
Kate Green
Alison Waggstaffe
Angie Partiss
Julia Richardson
Damien Moy

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

Current exhibiting artists